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Friday, October 26, 2012


I am not sure where to begin… and Warning this is Long, pretty personal and probably boring to most! But I need to get this off my chest…

I have had a feeling that I need to write about something that is pretty close to so many, yet is something that is hardly talked about. I know so many people who are struggling or have struggled with what I am about to talk about…
Seth and I have been trying to have a baby for over a year now, it is always such a hard thing ever month when we realize that things didn’t work once again. I think that we are almost taught growing up that if you choose to have sex that you’re at such a high risk of either getting pregnant or an STD or something like that… While yes that does and can happen my experience has shown me it’s not as easy as your lead to believe growing up to get pregnant. (At least if you REALLY want to)
After a few months of trying with not baby, we finally went to the Doctor to start checking things out. We are both older and I don’t want to try for years only to figure out something isn’t working correctly so we went. The Doctor went through all the different tests that we could do if we wanted and explained the cost of them. We decided to try a few more months before starting testing; I mean it can’t be that hard right? WRONG, a few months later still no baby. So back to the Doctor looking for more answers…
By this point I was pretty sure the world was out to get me… I swear every way I looked there was something to do with babies or begin pregnant. All the shows I was watching on TV had characters who became pregnant, I would hear ad’s on the radio about Intermountain mom’s Face book page, by this point I had a few friends who had just become pregnant. It was hard to be happy when hearing some of our good friend’s news that they were pregnant I was happy for them (like me they had struggled for awhile to conceive) yet it was hard because I wanted this so badly and I felt sadness because I wasn’t. When our friends left our house that night after telling us their great news, I broke down, I felt like the one thing I feel is missing, keeps getting put in our face that everyone else get but we don’t. I started to tell a few of my friends about the struggles and how I felt so na├»ve for thinking it would be an easy thing to become pregnant. My friends would comfort me and I felt happy, then I swear a week after telling one of them, I got on Facebook and I saw the “We’re expecting” post… SERIOUSLY? Was all I could think… I thought did they know they were when they were talking to me? Either way I know it doesn’t matter but it was just another way the world put babies in my face.

We decided to have Seth checked as that was pretty low cost compared to the rest and we also had my progesterone levels checked on the appropriate day which luckily was only a few days after my doctor’s appointment. A day after having my blood drawn to check my levels I got the call from the doctor’s office… When you are fertile and are in the “prime” baby making timeframe your levels are high, my levels were almost NONE! I was shocked I didn’t know what to think, I was sure that if anything was going to be wrong it would be on Seth’s end and not mine... I mean there is no Family history on my side of infertility but there was known issues on his side. I called Seth in tears, I felt so broken and didn’t know what to do, all my life I have wanted to be a mom, and I do know that I will be one day. After further discussing with my doctor he determined that I have what is known and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS is a condition in which a woman has an imbalance of female sex hormones. It can affect Estrogen and Progesterone which are the hormones that help a woman’s ovaries release eggs to be fertilized. (Hence why the nearly 0 Levels of Progesterone)

The Doctor told me that there were some medications that I could take to help bring my levels up and increase our chances of getting pregnant. I was all game... I mean why wouldn’t I be, this is what I have wanted my whole life!

I told my mom about what was happening and the medications that I was going to be taking and she began talking to her friends about what was happening. A Few hours later I got many horror stories of how the medication I was to begin taking in a matter of a few days make you CRAZY. In one story I heard the woman’s husband taking the drug actually found ways to hide from his wife while on it. Another the lady woke up one morning pissed for really no reason at her husband so she packed all his stuff up, loaded it in the car and drove it to him. I was so worried that I would not feel like more or that I would act out and feel horrible after the fact. Thankfully when I took the meds it didn’t affect me like I hear it does so many women. I was a little more moody but not enough to pack Seth’s things in the car.

The following month I went back to the doctor after doing what I could to help increase my levels to find out they had went up they were at 13 and the ideal range is 15-25. I thought oh goody I might actually have a chance this month, I’m pretty close… Sadly it didn’t. I was Sad, discouraged and feeling depressed about the whole situation. Talking to the doctor again they decided to up my dose of medication and double it. This got me nervous once again... I mean I was okay with the first amount, a little moody but not bad, would double send me over the edge?

A few weeks later it was time again to have levels checked, I was totally pumped up thinking last month they were okay, this month I took double so they should be right where they need to be and this WAS going to be my MONTH! I went to get my blood drawn and the next day I got a phone call from the nurse… My levels were really low again. L I was shocked... How could this be? The nurse explained that most likely it meant that I don’t ovulate on whichever sides turn it was this month to drop the egg.

Again I feel Broken, and I am starting to feel alone, half my friends are pregnant, my mom doesn’t know how I feel because she basically washed underwear together and became pregnant. Even my friend who had struggled getting pregnant , knew it wasn’t on her end so I feel like she can’t relate to how I feel, and although I know it effects Seth as well, he can’t understand how it feels to know that your body is the one preventing you from getting what you so desperately want!

I tried talking to my mom about it but it didn’t really help, I know it’s hard for her to understand, she never went through this. She tells me that I just have to stop worrying about it and that it will happen when its suppose to happen. Plus with things not working right, at least I can enjoy my summer… I know that it will happen when its suppose to happen but I WANT IT NOW! I feel like I\We have been patient, we are ready so please let the time be NOW, and Enjoying my summer? I don’t think crying for a day every month is very enjoyable… and I would gladly trade a fun summer to have something I have wanted my whole life, No Questions asked.

After talking to the nurse, and the nurse talking to the Doctor they have decided to once again up my dose of meds for the following month so I get to take triple the normal does in hopes that we can have a baby. I am scared about the large does making me crazy, I couldn’t shake the thoughts that if things don’t happen THIS month that I don’t stand a chance the following and that month. If things don’t work this month I have to endure my friend starting to have their babies in August, Baby Showers and I really don’t know if I can handle it. I hate to say that, and it makes me feel like a horrible person.

I took the high dose of medication, and just as I started taking the does I took a very last minute trip to Seattle to try and ease stress and just to get away from it all. Although the trip did help it didn’t solve any problems. Taking 3 times the regular does made me sick and I woke up in the middle of the night 3 nights in a row in horrible pain (think food poisoning but 10 times worse) This was while I was on vacation, and started happening during a long drive where there was nothing to be found for 100’s of miles. Throwing up on the side of the street is not what I call fun by any means. I talk to the doctor and they told me that the medicine can cause the pain I was feeling which in turned caused nausea and vomiting.

A few weeks go past and I go in to have my levels checked once again this time I was thinking 3 pills should do the trick, it’s the right side this month this is it! Wrong, my results we actually lower than the 2nd month. How could this be? More is better right? I was devastated, but knew I still had somewhat of a chance so we tried… We had a 3 month follow up appointment with the doctor, which lead us to deciding to seek more specialized treatment as the current doctor was too busy that day to really even see me for longer than a few minutes, we didn’t discuss plans going forward which I need to know what’s the next step. The next day I schedule an appointment with a Reproductive specialist.

The next week we met with the new doctor, he was an interesting man who was very dry in humor and right to the point. I guess that’s okay though, looking around his office I could see he was very well qualified and that he probably knew best. He immediately scheduled both Seth and I for further testings. We left the appointment knowing we may or may not actually need to do this test because “I might be Pregnant” and if so the timing of these tests would never come.

A few days later I started! I was devastated, I still had hope that this would be our month, yet my hope failed me once again. With this I knew many things, first that the following day I had a baby shower to attend to, I really didn’t want to go but I want to be the good friend. 2 that I was now needing to schedule many tests and get on the road to figuring out what is really going on. And 3, that I would more than likely start watching all my friends bring their kids into the world.

The next day, I dreaded getting ready to go to the baby shower; I had already told people that I would go, so I felt obligated to go. I cried all morning getting ready and really wanted to just lay in bed all day, but I couldn’t. I cried on my way to the baby shower and even at one point during the shower I felt bad, I didn’t want to ruin this person’s shower, but I was still hurting so badly from yesterday’s news.

The following Monday I went in for my first few tests, this was a simple blood draw and an ultrasound. I am use to getting poked with needles from doing immunotherapy and all the other blood draws so that wasn’t a big deal. The ultrasound on the other hand was weird. It was a vaginal ultrasound, which I was told wasn’t too bad going into it, just very awkward laying there with your feet in the air while still on visiting with aunt flow. I was told this was supposed to be painless but it actually hurt and I kept holding my breath as the doctor tried to find my ovaries to see if I had cyst on them. In all if was a short doctor’s appointment and then it was just waiting to get results. The results came a few days later and all was normal.. I guess that’s good but still didn’t explain what was going on.

That same week I was scheduled to have a HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) which I was super nervous for. I had had a few friends that I talked to who had done this procedure before. One said it wasn’t too bad, one said it hurt like a motha. Not to mention the doctor had also given me a prescription for a valium and told me to take 800mg ibprophen before the test. Come to find out my experience with this test was a breeze, I didn’t really feel much of anything I was so happy, cause right after the test we were heading to Bear Lake for the weekend and I didn’t know if I would be in pain the whole way there or not.

After getting back from Bear Lake I started taking Ovulation test to know when I ovulated. If things went well and all the test came back normal would could look at doing IUI which would improve our chances of finally conceiving. When I finally got the Happy face on the test strip on morning I was so happy, I called the doctor to see if he has received the imaged from my HSG and to let me know if this was something we should move forward with or not. That afternoon I got a call from the nurse, she told me that after reviewing the films from the HSG that the doctor would not recommend going with IUI this month and that he would like to discuss this in my follow up appointment in 2 days.

Seth and I went to the doctor 2 days later to hear that while most of our tests are normal/good. He was concerned with what he saw on the HSG film, He wasn’t sure if my uterus was heart shaped or if I just have a septum protruding down, with way my uterus was not the normal pear shape. With this he has ordered yet another test next month to get a better idea of the shape, if the septum is the issue we are looking at surgery, although this surgery is outpatient and doesn’t sound to bad, I am still hurting because If its needed we won’t know until next month, then after getting surgery we have to wait another 3 months before we can even start trying again. Right now time to me is the hardest thing. I am done waiting I want it now. I know you can’t always get what you want when you want it but, I think I have waited long enough….

I know I am growing bitter, and I HATE that! I wish I really am trying to be so happy for my friends, and try to understand those around me who say things that are hurtful to me because they don’t understand the mental and emotional side of infertility.

I am also scared that I know this is only the beginning, if things don’t work we are going to be looking at a lot of expenses not covered by the insurance company.(Not that we won’t gladly pay it, but it would be nice not to have to pay and arm and a leg to get there.) I know I sound out of hope, but I do have hope that thing will work and they will be amazing when they do. I also am not writing this to make anyone feel bad, or sorry for me. I just really needed to vent and this is the form I choose to do that in. I do appreciate the love, support, and prayers from those who have known what is going on, it really does mean a lot to Seth and I.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

1 Year

WOW Its sure crazy how a year can come and go so quickly.  They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest, and even though we have had so many life changes this past year I feel like it was really a smooth ride.  I am so happy that I made the decision to Marry Seth a year ago, and I am so happy with where that has lead me in my life. I am So happy with the life we are building and the memories we are making.  I can't wait to see what happens next and know that no matter what I get to share this life with my Best Friend!  I love you Seth more than I did a year ago and I am sure I will look back next year and this time and Say " I thought I loved you Then".  In searching around today I found this video on Youtube that is part of our Photo Montage from our Wedding day and I wanted to share it with everyone so enjoy!

Friday, December 30, 2011

December 2011

What a month is has been...

The month started off like this...

packing up out apartment.

It was a pretty scary thing to be honest, we has to start packing up our apartment with out truly knowing if we were going to be able to get our house. I know there are always bumps in the road of home buying but I thought we had passed all of ours with the actually making offers and getting acceptance road... I was wrong!  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we got a call that changed our whole process... We had to scrabble last minute and change our whole plan with the house. With a week away from what we though was closing on our house, we were left looking for solutions and wondering where we were going.  We had to change lenders to get the deal done and even that was kind of iffy.  We started the loan process with a completely new lender that Wednesday and had to wait through the long weekend to figure out where we stood with them.  I joked we always find out bad news on Friday then have to wait for an answer on Monday that we actually get on Wednesday. So waiting even longer due to the holiday weekend was rough!

Monday came.. no answer.. Tuesday came and this was our very last day of due diligence with financing.. we had to either walk blindly into the future and hope that everything works out knowing that if it didn't we would loose all the money we had put down for earnest money (not to mention the money for appraisal and inspection), or walk away today and know we were out. We had already given our notice to the apartments we lived in that we would be out by the 5th of December so we couldn't even stay put we HAD to move that weekend somewhere.  We decided to put our faith in the new lender and go forward blindly knowing we could loose a lot. It was super scary but we knew it was the house for us and we had already fought so much to get it why give up now? Friday came and we got the call that our file had been submitted to underwriting and came back already! WE HAVE FIRM APPROVAL!  What a great day.!

On the 3rd we  had our Thompson Family Christmas Party, then it was back to the apartment to finish boxing up to move to my parents the next day. We had set to close on our house on the 9th so we knew we only had a week of living at my parents. Knowing where we were going to really end up make it a lot easier to pack up the apartment. 

Sunday the 4th we moved out of our apartment and in to my old bedroom at my parents (which they had just begun making into a project/craft room, I guess they didn't plan on me coming back ever lol)

We had setup a time for Thursday the 8th to go sign our life away! However on Monday we got a call asking if we would like to sign earlier, so we signed on Tuesday and it was not as scary/dreadful as I thought it might be. It was actually pretty low key.

The rest of the week went by kinda slow, we knew the weekend would pass by so quickly. Thursday we celebrated my mother in laws birthday with some cake from none other than coldstone! After doing cake we ran around getting cleaning supplies and getting tile for our master bathroom (seriously who still puts carpet in a bathroom? Our house had it and it was built in 2006... )

Friday Morning came... Today we get our keys we were told they were going to get our keys to us as early as possible they had set up a wire to be there first thing that morning to fund the loan and they only needed to record it that morning.  We ran around all morning getting paint/ setting up delivery of our washer/dryer and loading up supplies to take to the house... after that was done we still didn't have keys... GRRR I wanted to get in and get done.  Around 3 pm we got a text message from our Realtor telling us the code to get into the house :)

We  got to the house about 3:30 and got to work painting that walls and trim, and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen.  We were lucky to get the sellers to pay to have the carpets shampooed before we got access to the house.  We spend all afternoon and night at the house painting and cleaning. I was so sick, ( I love how just as your stress level can lower, BAM you get sick!) We painted pretty much every wall in the house and painted 3 accent walls. Kasey had made it out to rip our carpet in the master bathroom and begun the tile process.  We finally finished about 11:30 that night.

The next morning was Moving day!

This wasn't too bad as we had just loaded all of our stuff onto my parents 4-wheeler trailer that weekend before so it was just pulling it to the house and unloading. Everything was in pretty quick and we began unpacking boxes and finding every things new home.

That night we had yet another family Christmas gathering, we went to dinner at Fuji and to see the lights at temple square. Seth and I went to temple square and then realized it was too cold to walk around with me being sick, not sure where my coat was and really tired from the last couple of day so we say goodbye and went home before walking around the temple grounds.

On Friday the 16th I came home to 2 little elf's in my house putting up a Christmas tree and decorating my house for the holidays, I wasn't sure I was going to decorate as it had been so stressful already and I didn't know how much more I really wanted to do... So my mom and dad decided they would do it for me. I loved it! It was very kind of them and Seth and I really appreciated it!

On Sunday we went to the Paxman Family Christmas party, we had fun and it was nice to see everyone and relax for a few minutes.

Christmas Weekend

We spent Christmas Eve over at my parents house with the traditional turkey dinner and playing games. Presten had bought a new game to play called Killer Bunnies... its fun but SUPER LONG! I think we spend 3 hours playing that night just 1 game and we had to escalate how quickly we ended the game.

Christmas morning we headed over to my parents to open presents and see my family for a little bit. followed by going over to Seth's parents to see them for a few and opening presents there.  When we left his parents we picked up Seth's friend Gary and went home.

Later in the day we had both families over for dinner and games... again we played killer bunnies and it was super long again. Playing a long game while trying to host everyone is really hard, but in the end I think everyone had fun and it was nice to have everyone over. We love that our house is great for hosting gatherings and being able to get together with our friends and family.

Here are some pictures of our new home... Enjoy

Living Room
 Master Bathroom
 Dinning Area
 Office with Purple Accent Wall
 Guest Bedroom
 Master Bedroom with Green Accent Wall
 Our Washer and Dryer and Laundry Room
 Awesome tile work by my brother Kasey
 Guest Bathroom
Holiday Dogs :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


So Everyone has been doing posts a day for things they are thankful for, I am Thankful for many things but I will never be one to blog every day, so in wanting to express my Thankfulness I give you my 30 days of thankfulness in 1 post… yup no need to check back every day you get it all NOW! That you can be thankful for.

1. Seth- I know its kinda clique but I am so Thankful for my husband, he loves me unconditionally and is always there when I need him the most. He has been an amazing partner to go through so many life changes in 1 year with. Although we have only been married a little over 7 months he is totally my rock and the one I love with all my heart!
2. My Mom- My mom has taught me so many great things, she taught me to cook and to be the great wife I am aspiring to be. We have had our ups and downs but what mother/ daughter doesn’t have those? My mom is always there to help all her kids when they need help and she doesn’t ever let them give up on their dreams.
3. My Dad- My dad has truly shown me what hard work means, he has done so many great things and has always worked so hard to give me and my family everything we ever wanted. He is my hero and someone I truly look up to. He has helped me grown and learn in so many ways and for that I will always be thankful for. I know I will always be daddy’s little princess.
4. My Brothers- I am grateful for the teasing and playful times we have had growing up, I am thankful for the different qualities each of them bring to my life. Jesten is awesome in figuring out techy stuff and is someone I can always count on to give me good opinions of gadgets, he is also awesome with cars. Jesten has taught me how to take care of those things that are important to me whether that be my car or loved ones. Kasey- is kind of a jack of all trades, he is very handy and does amazing tile and construction type work, kasey is someone I can go to when I am not sure how to fix things. He is also someone who has taught me no matter how hard things get, you gotta keep moving forward. Presten- is crazy! I think that’s a great word to describe him, he is all over he has many friends in many different types. He has so much energy and is so fun to be around. Presten has taught me to go with the flow, and have fun don’t worry what people think about you.
5. My In- Laws- I really am pretty lucky with my in-laws, they are always there for us and willing to help in any way they can. They don’t ask much of us and understand that we still adjusting to married life and working out the kinks of having 2 families to include in life now.
6. My Friends- I am so thankful for all my friends the ones who live close and the ones who live far away. I am thankful for them always being there for me and picking me up when I need a boost, for giving me a kick when I needed a fixing. I am glad that with so many of my friends that even though we don’t talk every day or even every week, that when we find the time to talk that its like we never missed a beat. I really do have the best friends
7. Zoie- I truly love my dog, she is a great pet. She has quiet a personality and is very jealous, but she has always been there for me when I just need her to be. She has been by my side through so many ups and downs and has been very loyal to me.
8. Huk – He is a new addition to my family, but we are so happy he is with us. We weren’t really planning on getting another dog when we got him but he is perfect for us. I love seeing how happy Seth is to finally have a dog of his own that he gets to raise from a puppy. He is great to play with and is always there to give loves. He is full of energy and always wants to play. He is a good dog.
9. The Lakes/ Wave running – I am so grateful that every winter I have something to look forward to. I have told many people I feel most like me when I am out on the lake alone than anywhere else. It’s a very special feeling and place for me and I am so thankful for that.
10. Running Water / Flushing Toilets – I think this goes without saying much… So thankful
11. Prayer- I am so thankful that I know the power of prayer, and although I probably don’t pray as much as I should, I am thankful that I learned at a very young age the real power of pray and that he is listening.
12. Life Lessons- I wouldn’t be the person I am today or doing the things I am doing today with out the trials I have been through. I am so glad that I was able to look at the lessons and learn as much as I have. To look back 10 years and see myself just graduating high school and look at where I am at in life now I am so thankful for all the hard times that built me.
13. Dr. Pepper- I love this stuff, I am so thankful for it and the boost it gives me when I need it.
14. Education- I am thankful for my education and all that I have learned, not just in text books but the underlying knowledge from doing my homework and attending classes. I am thankful to know how to do many things and be able to problem solve, to think clearly and to understand what I read. I am thankful that I was able to attend college and push to get my degree.
15. Facebook- I know this seems kind of odd, but I love facebook not because I can stalk people I went to high school with or see what so and so is up to now. But I am thankful with all my friends throughout the world that even though we don’t talk because of costs, time zones and busy lifes that I am still able to know what is happening in so many of my friends lives, even if it’s just a snapshot.
16. Lotion- I have such dry skin especially this time of year that I am so thankful that there is something out there to soothe my dry itchy skin.
17. My Job- My job is just like any other jobs, I have good days and bad days, but in the end I am so thankful for what I do and knowing that I am here to help the employees with their questions.
18. Insurance- Yes I hate paying it, but I am thankful for it when I see doctors bills or claims. I am glad that I can make someone else pay for the majority of my medical bills or car accidents.
19. Music- Sometimes there is nothing better than cranking up some music and just jamming out. It can help with so many emotions and to clear my mind.
20. Family Vacations- I am so thankful for the many great times that I have been able to spend with my family, not having to deal with the hassles of everyday life and being able to see and do new things together. To learn the best type of history lessons and to test our nerves on new and thrilling rides. I have so many great memories of vacationing with my family. I hope that I am able to give my future children some of these great memories as well.
21. Online Banking- I am so thankful that I don’t have to go to the bank anytime I want to know something or pay a bill. I am glad I can manage my life with just the click of a mouse and know where I am at, at all times financially.
22. My Sense- You know Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste… I am so glad that I am able to do them all, that I can take in all that is around me and the beauty that comes from that.
23. My Health – I am overall in good health, yes I could lose some weight and would be better, but I am thankful for where I am today. I have no major medical issue and I am able to live a normal day to day life.
24. Heat- I am so thankful that on cold days I can be warm.
25. Electricity- I use so much of it every day and it would be so easy to take it for granted, but from the time I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep at night, and even while I sleep it’s there making my life run smoother.
26. Sleep- I am thankful that I am able to re-energize my body to keep it going, as well as the many fun and interesting dreams that happen while sleeping.
27. Those that serve our Country/ My Freedom- I am so very grateful for those that serve and protect us, for the sacrifices they, the family and loved ones make for our freedom. I have many great friends who are in the military and I appreciate them so much. I am so thankful that I can go
to sleep at night and not worry if my home will be under attack in the night.
28Sunsets- I love them, they are BEAUTIFUL .
29. Water- I am thankful for something so pure and natural that we all need on a daily basis, I am thankful to be able to drink it, play it in, and clean with it.
30. Life- I am so thankful for this journey, though its truly just beginning I am thankful that I am here and that I am able to enjoy every minute of it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Home sweet home

I tell you once you get your hearts set on a house you fight to get it…
This time fighting paid off. We got our House but it has not been without many hoops and obstacles to overcome. I have 2 other posts on here describing some of them but let me tell you the rest of the story of us getting our home.
After the house went to foreclosure Bank of America bought back the house then gave it to Fannie Mae, I started to think that this might be nice because the majority of fannie mae homes we looked at were newly painted (one less thing I would have to do J ) and in some cases they replaced the carpets, the carpets in the house are not bad, they need a good deep cleaning though. So I thought, maybe that’s why we are going to have to wait even longer to get our home, because that’s they way life works right??? Not so much…
Our Agent had set up a search that tracked any changes on the address of the house we love, every hour of everyday so that when it did come back on the market we could know ASAP. Well it came up one Monday night while Seth and I were relaxing at home, I didn’t have my phone on me for a few hours and as soon as I looked it I saw the email “ Something has changed with 2288” I quickly clicked on it to see if it was true. It was, the price was still in our price range and we were super happy. We logged onto the computer and read the description and looked at the new photos to see if they had done anything else to the house, all they frantically calling and texting our agent. We didn’t want to risk not getting our offer in as soon as possible.
In reading the new listing we didn’t notice anything that said they were accepting offers for x amount of time, so we assumed it was the first good offer would be accepted…
While talking to our agent he said that we could get our offer in that night, but that he didn’t think anyone would jump as quickly and we would probably be okay sending over all the documents in the morning. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I instead that it get done that night. While our agent drew up the documents Seth and I ran to my parents house to use their printer / fax machine.
We got the documents and printed, signed and tried to fax them back, my parents fax machine was not working and kept faxing blank pages (yes I had the pages the correct way.) So we ran to Office Max and faxed them there.. I still can’t believe it cost $18.00 to fax 12 pages. Whew it was in and we should hear back in the next day or so on whether it was ours.
The next we found out that the listing agent had decided to accept all offers on the house until Friday at noon and then they would choose the Highest and Best offer, rather than doing what 99% of agents do and just accept the 1st acceptable offer. So again we got the lame agent who wants to complicate everything, I was so bummed! We had done everything right and yet still more hurdles to jump over.
We talked to our agent and he told us about what’s called an escalation clause, basically we say our offer it $1000 over the highest offer received. With that in place we felt good but scared that the price would go over what we really wanted to pay for the house.
On Thursday the listing agent came back and asked for Highest and Best offers from everyone, he asked us to resubmit our offer with our escalation clause with and up to amount, something like we will pay $1000 over highest offer up to XXX dollars. This became more scary in the fact that we has to name an up to amount, we didn’t want to go too high for fear it would drive up our price, yet not low either cause we wanted the house to be ours. We submitted our offer and was told that on Friday at noon the listing agent would choose the offer he would submit to the bank.
Mid morning Friday I got an email from our agent telling me that all offers are being submitted to the bank and they will choose what offer they are going to accept, so we weren’t looking to get an answer back until Monday or Tuesday the following week at the earliest.
Around 4pm, I was with Seth at a Chocolate Festival that ColdStone was participating in at South Towne Mall, it was noisy and I didn’t hear my phone. Something told me to look at it and I have a missed call, voice mail and a text from our agent saying CALL ME!
I quickly called our agent to see what was going on. WE GOT IT! Well that’s if we wanted to pay the higher price on the home… it was something that we weren’t sure we wanted to do and it was very stressful/ heartbreaking to deal with. On one hand we GOT IT! It was ours if we choose to accept the offer from the bank, no one else could get in the way and we should have a REAL approval letter early next week if we accepted. On the other hand, the price came back higher than we had thought we wanted to go, not much but a little, we worried if we could afford it (then again I worry about money crap all the time). We talked to our mortgage loan officer and asked a lot of questions and realized that it wasn’t that much different than when we thought we had it a few months ago. We knew this was the house we wanted, great location, and great house!
We called out agent and told him that we were pretty sure we wanted it but would let him know 100% Monday morning.
On Halloween we officially signed and accepted the banks offer. We are set to close on December 1st and move December 3rd.. We thought!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Summer Lovin... Summer 2011

Our Summer... In Pictures

Waitng for Andrew and Jen outside the temple..
 Our New Tent..
 Planking at the Lake

 After the "Festival of Colors" at Bear Lake
 Marysvale Mudd Bath
 The whole Group in the Flash Floods!
 BFF Kyle and Presten

 Drive Up by Kamas with Mom and Dad


... And My Heart is 1/2 Broken

So I promised that I would let people know what happened with the house...

I am not sure the story is completely over but here is where things stand right now.

Around the end of August I got a call from our Agent telling me that he had just got off the phone with the agent and that the deal had been approved! I was super SUPER excited about it, I called Seth immediately and told him. We thought about not telling anyone until we had the official approval letter (Probably should done that in hind sight) but we were too excited so we told some close friends and family.

In an email we were told the file just had to do one last check through QC and that we should have our approval letter within 72 hours...
Fast forward to the end of September now, NO approval letter, we keep asking where it is at, getting no answers. Our agent starts to do some digging around only to find out that a week prior the bank had ordered a BPO (Brokers Price Opinion, basically a cheap appraisal done by a real estate agent to let the bank know where the house should sell at.) They DO NOT order BPO's to be done on a home that is already approved so why was it ordered? Come to find out we never had approval, The BPO came back at a higher amount than our offer which meant the bank would not approve the sale. Meanwhile the house was set to go into foreclosure in a week from that day.
We talked to our Real Estate Agent and decided we would try to get a postponement on the home from going to foreclosure... We had tried to cut the emotional ties we had to that home, but it was hard. While looking at some other no so great homes our agent got and email from the listing agent asking us to provide proof that we were 100% serious about the home and showing we had "our ducks in a row"... That secretly gave me more hope that it would pull through... 2 days before the foreclosure date we were told that the bank would not approve the postponement nor the sale of the home at our offer. We decided to submit and offer at what the listing agent said where the BPO came back at... This was higher than what we really wanted to go but our thoughts were, we would submit the offer, get it approved and keep the home from going to foreclosure, then tell the bank our appraisal came back less than the offer therefore needing to come down on the price of the home.

Jump back a little, with all the craziness going on with the home my mom called the listing agent (since we were never getting a great idea of what was really happening with the home from him) and pretended to be interested in the home. He had told her that there was an offer in on the home but that it was going to foreclosure next week.

My mom got a follow up call the day the home went to foreclosure... WHY? Because the listing agent got sidetracked and forgot to submit our offer into the bank to keep it from going to foreclosure. Talk about being pissed! Had the agent done his job I probably could be one step closer to having my house.

Since the house was sold at auction we will still have a chance to pick it up when it comes back on the market as a bank owned home, We don't know when it will come back on the market it could be anywhere from 30 days to 3 months. We are still looking into homes as they come up on the market but it’s so hard to see the good in the other homes when my heart is still tied to this house...